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Fork and Scissor Lift Training: Serving Buffalo, Jamestown and Rochester, NY

Forklift Training in Buffalo, Rochester & Jamestown, NY

Buffalo Materials Handling provides full OSHA certified forklift training programs to ensure safety and compliance

Forklift Training in Buffalo, Jamestown & Rochester, NY

Becoming certified to operate a forklift will require the successful completion of the OSHA training. Buffalo Materials Handling offers both first time as well as continuing educational courses for those who wish to renew their certification. Continuing education must be completed every three years. Those who do not complete their renewal after three years will no longer be permitted to operate a forklift.

Renewal courses are important because they help refresh your memory of the safety precautions and operation techniques you should be adhering to. This training will teach you how to effectively operate a forklift so that you can become more efficient with transferring heavy items in warehouses, construction sites and anywhere else usage may be necessary.

Our instructors are committed to training you and want to help you become more safe out on the job. We are skilled at operating and providing quality training for all forklift makes and models.

For more information about  Buffalo Materials Handling's comprehensive certification and training programs please contact us today.