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Here at Buffalo Materials Handling, we are knowledgeaable in virtually anything to do with moving and storing materials. Forklifts, pallet racking, docks, conveyors, etc. Also, besides our award winning service department (Platinum Award) , parts, sales and rentals, we also offer OSHA training and certification courses  for forklifts, scissor and aerial lifts!  We educate and service businesses and warehouses across Jamestown, Buffalo and Rochester. If you have a question about a forklift, a dock or a certification program, call us today.

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Phone Numbers

(716) 894-6370
(877) 741-9555

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Buffalo Materials Handling
125 Taylor Drive
Depew, NY 14043

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All employees email addresses are simply their first initial plus their last name  @BMHNY.com


Jennifer Lundin Sales Manager (716) 609-1006
Jeff Sega Territory Manager - Erie & Niagara (716) 697-9504
Dale Milbrand Territory Manager - Rochester & Batavia (716) 609-1014
Pat Feeley Territory Manager - Jamestown & Southtowns (716) 609-0858
Jennifer Grunke Sales Coordinator (716) 894-6370 x14

Service Dispatch, Rental and Leasing
Joanna Taverna Service Dispatch Manager (716) 894-6370 x20
Mo Anderson Rentals & Warranty 716) 894-6370 x21

Service Support and OSHA Training
Mark Esmay  Service Manager (716) 609-1024
Paul Vathy  Service & Parts Coordinator (716) 609-1000
Kelly Bradley Service Quoting (716) 894-6370 x17
Dan Siepierski Training & CSS Manager (716) 609-1012
John Puccio Training & CSS Manager (716) 870-7172

Bud Foster Parts Manager (716) 894-6370 x16
Rich Brumfield Parts Assistant (716) 894-6370 x19

Laura Case Accounting Manager (716) 894-6370 x13
Kathryn Zak Accounting Asst. (716) 894-6370 x18
Jennifer Odojewski Administrative Assistant (716) 894-6370 x15

Anything You Need
Peter Tunkey Owner  (716) 894-6370 x11